In the beginning, there was only a mind. The mind watched and, at one point, thought to itself, and the thought took shape. Thus Prajapati, the self-formed. Prajapati began to think and imagine, and with it, he began to create. He created the Gods, created the Universe, and created a Goddess, Ushas.
Prajapati fell in love with Ushas and wanted to possess her. The other Gods were jealous and created Rudra, the archer. They cannot allow the creator mixture with the creation, so when Prajapati was about to copulate with Ushas, Rudra shot his arrow into Prajapati’s groin. The semen spilled into the Universe.
Story-based on Roberto Calasso’s book «Ka.»
After reading Calasso’s remarkable history in his book Ka about Prajapati, I was delighted with its Principle.
In the beginning, everything was a mind, and the nature of the mind is to think, imagine, meditate. The mind began to think of itself and took shape. Prajapati, the self-formed, arises. Prajapati starts to create and create.
He creates the powers and, with them, makes the Gods. He creates Agni, the fire; he creates all the gods, but he knows that he lacks more possibilities to develop. He needs to saturate; he has to encompass everything. Then he makes a goddess named Usas.
Usas is so beautiful that he falls in love with her and wishes to possess her. The other gods are jealous. They cannot allow the creator mixture with the creation because it could destroy everything. The jealous Gods create Rudra, the archer, who shoots an arrow at Prajapati’s groin when he is about to penetrate Usas. The semen spills into the Universe and fills it with life.
In my representation, there are two distinct moments manifested in the exact figure: Prajapati in love, excited and on the verge of possessing Usas; the next moment is the fury when receiving the arrow.
One hand contains Agni, the fire; another has an offering pot. Another hand caresses Usas; the other has a fist clenched in pain.
At the base a stone, the stone that supports the Universe. The last memory we have of Prajapati.

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