Kronos sired several children with Rhea. Nevertheless, once the prophecy told him that his son would overthrow him, he swallowed them all.
When Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she deceived Kronos, giving him a rock wrapped in swaddling clothes, which he promptly swallowed.
Kronos – The titan father of Zeus and his brothers. Kronos often considered the God of the time, although perhaps the containment of the power is more precise because Kronos is written with Kapa, from where Kratos, power comes; instead xhronos, with xi, it would be time.
The prophecy said that Kronos would be overthrown by one of his sons. To avoid this, Kronos decided to quench his hunger for power by devouring his children at the birth moment. Kronos’ wife Rea was fed up with such behavior. When Zeus was born, Rea decided to hide him and deceive Kronos by making him to eat a stone wrapped in swaddling clothes. Kronos fell into the deception, and, time later, the prophecy was fulfilled.
To make a more dramatic representation, I omitted the diaper. Kronos devours the stone, as he began to become aroused by believing that he will retain power forever.


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