The artist vision

According to some dictionaries, vocation is the internal inclination of a person to dedicate themselves to a particular way of life or work. I don’t remember how it started. I don’t recall the first time I played with clay; however, I do remember when I was around five or six years old, a packet of clay was enough to create a universe, enough to give me hours of play, enough to satisfy my desire to bring to life the characters from my favorite cartoons. At school, I was capable of recreating my favorite sports by modeling and enjoyed crazily those school projects that always stood apart from those of my classmates.

Sometimes an external factor is required to discover our path in life. Firstly, meeting a sculptor: Carlos Espino, taught me how to work professionally. Next, the author, René Guénon, made me realize my personal need to fulfill myself by dedicating myself fully to sculpt

We are the result of our experiences, of that which we are passionate about. With good knowledge of physics and structures as a foundation from my Engineering background, I seek balance in my sculptures, and I learned how to take advantage of the materials’ tension and contraction properties. My passion for traditional symbolism, mythologies, and religions helps my imagination indulge in recreating heroes and divinities to make those veiled truths visible. As a man who has experienced eroticism and is aware of its importance as a human aspect, I tend to use it to convey the feeling of outburst that it causes. I use three main subjects to express these aspects, but they often blend.

All my sculptures are born from within, with the truth. Rodin said the sculptures should be made from the center to the periphery as if emerging from the point. They are recreating the birth of the Universe.

The artist naturally seeks to work differently from others because he has the desire to create. Let’s make our life a work of art, said, Nietzsche.